Multi Sector Structural Folded Hinged Sliding Doors Bottom Rolling Hangar Door Smart Track Design


Multi-sector Structural Folded Hinged Hangar Sliding Doors Bottom Rolling Hangar Door With Smart Track Design


    Multi-sector structural door body, when the body does not need to fully open the door, open the door to allow some to reduce the switching times and heat loss.Top and bottom of the door are made of high-density double brush seal between the door frame and the door panels each sealed with high performance rubber. General Appearance panel color is white gray and other colors to be customized; Colors can be customized within the scope of color card;All accessories in anodized aluminum / galvanized / Spraying for surface treatment; Aluminum accessories for surface coating.


Max size W100000mm*H30000mm
Actual size Customized as orders
Wind load 38m/s or above
Framework Hot-dip galvanized steel tubes, rust-proof; both full welding and bolt joints to realize high-strength.
Surface cladding Corrugated steel plate;polyurethane core sandwich panel;polycarbonate sunlight plate,etc.
Top guide rail H-channel or tube steel
Top guide wheel Special vertical shape,it can be go up and down flexible to aviod the wastage.
Ground guide rail 22kg light rail, to be embedded into ground
Ground wheel Heavy duty running wheel
Motor Brake gear motor domestic or foreign brands,0.75kw-1.5kw
Control panel With inverter to realize soft start and stop; PLC control; buttons control; with total control and seperated control ;with power-on lamp
Running limit control Multiple limit switch sensors to control running limit accurately and safety
Safety device

1. Safety photo sensor,when something under the door,it will stop;

2. Alarm lamp: it will flash and send out sound bell when door running

Small man door One or two small man door used for human passing
Emergency use There is a brake on the motor, in case of the power failure,the door can be moved by manual after releasing brake.



  Optional: Single-sided or double-sided and all external hinges facility may optionally standard RAL colors make polyester powder coating; Use a quiet drive section (turn-on time can be set according to the motor) motor fast, safe and can be manipulated; Double acrylic glass or toughened laminated glass window perspective; Optional escape door locks.


1.Surface is PVC fabric, double layer and beautiful.
2.Main skeleton is formed with steel tubes. It is designed through precise structure calculation with universal steel structure software, meeting requirements of wind resistance.
3.Safety Drop-proof device, can stop falling of door body when the steel wire of motor breaks suddenly, protecting human life under the door.
4.Multi-limit design guarantees precise running.
5.Inching control design makes sure there will always be a human operating the door when it runs. This can avoid accidents caused by human-absence.
6.High safety class of motor and steel wire, guarantees reliable operation.


Diversification open the way:
1, Remote control to open
2,Open credit card
3,GIC Open
4,Infrared sensors Open
5,Radar Open


Shipyard, blasting or painting room, hangar, and large machinery factories.

Multi Sector Structural Folded Hinged Sliding Doors Bottom Rolling Hangar Door Smart Track Design


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