Lightweight Stainless Sliding Door Smart Access System With Polyurethane Core Door Panel


Lightweight Stainless Sliding Door Smart Access System With Polyurethane Core Door Panel




   Electric Heavy Industrial Sliding Doors are better for large openings and are custom built to meet the demands of our clients. They are ideal for industrial applications, both as indoor and outdoor doors where maximum door opening is needed. A wide selection of Industrial Heave Duty Overhead Sectional  Steel Doors are available to satisfy applications where durability, reliability and economy are top priorities​. An array of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows you to further customize these doors to your specific project requirements.



Size 6500mm(H)*8000mm(W),customized as order
Using location Internal &External door
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Thickness 50mm,70mm,100mm,120mm,etc.
Door Panel polyurethane foam door panel or ALR type aluminum alloy frame inlaid PC endurance perspective door panel
Sealing system aluminum alloy profile three ethylene propylene rubber bar top, bottom seal,rail steel auxiliary rail of three ethylene propylene rubber side seal, single door panel and the door is sealed between the sponge
Hardware accessories track, auxiliary rail,roller,door side hinge wheel seat, the center hinge
Torsion spring balance system galvanized rectangular tube middle beam; 60Si2MnA high quality spring steel torsion spring; torsion spring support bearing bracket, solid shaft coupling; torsion spring fixing seat, a torsion spring seat, wire wheels, wire rope.
Drive control system drive motor, control box, remote control and so on
Safety protection device steel wire rope break protection device; anti torsion spring break protection device; wireless safety air bag protection device; automatic protection device for preventing the top



Characteristics and Advantages


(1) Intelligent control design: adjustable main parameter and secondary parameter automatically according to the weight of door leaves;


(2) Low noise: Special static sound track, integration of motor, worm-gear and retarder.


(3) Anti-clamping function: automatically reverse when meeting barriers;


(4) Unique electronic motor lock: the motor will lock up when the door is forced to open.(controlled by remote or switch)


(5) Tighten force: seal door when closed, power consumption approximately 10W under standby;


(6) Advanced brushless motor(36V,100W) can automatically adopt different heavy door leaves;


(7) Bi-doors inter-locking: one of the door leaves always remains closing;


(7)Safety sensor terminal: sensor stops working when door closed;


(8)Unique coating technology: never rusty;


(9)Easy and convenient to install;


(10)Working Process: when the door leaf closes to the right place, the door leaf will slightly shift to the door frame and the ground. The rubbers on the four sides of the door leaf will completely combine with door frame and ground, which ensures air tightness. When the door is open, the rubbers will separate from door frame and ground, which avoids contraction on the ground.



Application : 

  • warehouses
  • hangar
  • large cold storage room 
  • garage shed
  • industrial buildings
  • logistic centers
  • agricultural buildings


Lightweight Stainless Sliding Door Smart Access System With Polyurethane Core Door Panel


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