Hydraulic / Electrical Aircraft Hanger Door And Aviation Building Airplane Bifold Doors Vertical Lifting Systems


Hydraulic / Electrical Aircraft Hanger Door and Aviation Building Airplane Bifold Doors Vertical Lifting Systems

A sliding door is a type of door which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall. Sliding doors can be mounted either on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above and some types 'disappear' in a wall when slid open. There are several types of sliding doors such as pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. Sliding doors are commonly used as shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, wardrobe doors or in vans.


Industrial Sliding door desigin for quick passking for warehouse/Factory. Made of stainless steel/Steel sheet with PU Foam inside. It can work with auto sensor(Radar), Touchless push button. Also can add photocell sensor for safety reason.


Designed for area’s where pedestrian and forklift control is required, industrial sliding doors are a simple, effective and clean solution.

Industrial sliding doors are an extremely economical investment providing durable and reliable operation, low repair costs and virtually no maintenance.



Sliding Door type
Manual/Auto, Single/Double side sliding
Single Door: 600 ~ 1200mm, Thickness 40mm
Double door: 1200 ~ 4000mm, Thickness 40mm
Door leaf Material
Stainless steel / Galvanized Steel
Aluminum alloy extruded materials
4 side door leaf circuit wiring, Middle(Double)


Manual parallel moving refrigeratory door is one new type refrigeratory door that our company researched and improved after learning advanced technology from both mainland and abroad.This door solved many problems,such as open heavy, occupy big area,cost motor-door high etc.It has many unique roles in open,transmission,encapsulation and other aspects,many customers favor it.


Electric refrigeratory door is suitable for combined refrigeratory,civil engineering refrigeratory and constant temperature refrigeratory , constant temperature workshop.When the temperature difference between refrigeratory's interior and exterior bigger than 50℃ and relative humidity bigger than 80%,it also has good effect on heat insulation and encapsulation.


1. High quality material
Good heat preservation effects.The door panel is made of high quality galvanized steel with foam inside.embossing pressure,intermediate charge fill fire.Insulation materials with high strength,durable,Sound insulation and good thermal insulation,surface spray,to effectively prevent corrosion
2. Steady and reliable control systerm

Our door panel ,motor control systerm integrated as one unit,it is safe realibe and convenient to operate,and it can be operated manually when power off


Hydraulic / Electrical Aircraft Hanger Door And Aviation Building Airplane Bifold Doors Vertical Lifting Systems


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